How to be a better sports gambler

If you’ve ever heard of the saying “The house always wins” then it is true in most cases, but if you can implement certain points into your game you will quickly find you’re the one that has the advantage over bookmakers. You may think it’s not possible to earn a wage from sports betting but you may find there are thousands of people around the world that earn a living from it, and you can to.


If you sometimes wonder how it’s even possible, the answer to that would be to have a look at the following points that will make you a better sports gambler and take it from there:

  • Discipline – This point is key to a sports gamblers success, it’s the top point and if you have no discipline you might quickly lose a lot of your bankroll if not all of it. This is where self-control comes in; if you have no self-control you will again lose your bankroll pretty quickly.
  • Know when it’s time to walk away – Most of the points will require discipline, which is why it’s the most important point to consider, you will know when you have discipline because you will know when it’s time to walk away. If you have lost some of your bankroll it’s important to stay focused and not feel down about it, don’t just stake the rest of your bankroll for the sake of it, walk away and start again tomorrow.
  • Set yourself some objectives – Make sure you set yourself a weekly/daily profit target and as soon as you hit it, have a break from gambling and return a new day or week.
  • Know what you are betting on and stick to it – Many people will bet on other sports they do not know a lot about just because other events they do know a lot about aren’t happening on that day. Be strict and only stick to betting on what you know, even if that means having a couple of days off – no profit is better than no money.
  • Never chase your losses – A lot of people make the same error in trying to chase lost stakes, never do this and always concentrate on your objectives in hand.
  • Prepare a betting strategy – It’s always good to come up with a betting strategy to keep you focused. Many people bet a certain percentage of their overall bankroll so when they lose they will stake a little less, and when they win they will stake a little higher.
  • Stick to the same markets – With a betting strategy in place, always use that strategy on the same markets so you know where you are and where your profit and loss stands.
  • Know when to ask for help – If you find that you have no self-control anymore and you aren’t gambling for the fun of it, it may be time to give up altogether and go and seek help. It’s important to be responsible if this time arises otherwise you may find yourself falling into financial difficulty just to fund your gambling habit.

These are just some of the many points to consider that will help you become a better sports gambler. You may find that there are plenty of betting strategies online that will help you earn a profit and if you can implement the above points and stick to them then the amount of profit you can earn from gambling is up to you and your discipline. Remember, the bookmakers have the advantage but you can turn the tables if you are able to implement discipline into your betting game.

Check this quick Online Casino overview – German slots Included

Trying to get something else going while you wait to see if your sport bets paid out? Well, friend, we’ve got a full plate for you… if you’re ready to rise to the occasion, of course. We started asking our German friends to come through the office yet again to give us some pointers. Now, we’re big fans of people speaking anyway they want to but there does come a point where we have to go… “HUH?” They got a little cryptic, just saying, “online casino Übersicht – deutsche spielautomaten!”

German slots

A thousand silent words of gratitude for Google Translate, and then we were off to the races so to speak. 🙂 Of course, they were just trying to tell us to look at a good online casino overview, preferably one with German slots. Hey, nothing wrong with a little German pride if you want our opinion. Since our two countries have long buried the hatchet, we figured that we’d dive in and create our own thoughts on a casino guide.

You see, not all casinos are created equal. It’s always good to look around, ask questions, test the waters. It’s the same way that you approached looking at an online sportsbook. Did you just dive into the first one you saw? Probably not. You had to step back and see if it was worth it before you put your hard earned money on the line. The wrong sportsbook is just going to make you unhappy and lead you to feel like there’s no way that you could ever get any entertainment. When you have to feel like you’re fighting the casino, that’s not a good time at all.

Most casinos online have gotten smart enough to look at having their offering in multiple languages. Why turn off such a large part of the gambling population? This means that if you want to see Big Top or Thunderstruck or Book of Ra in German, you can do just that. It’s automatically handled for you, leaving you to just focus on the thrill of playing.

Plenty of these casinos give you plenty of chances to see if you would like to play long term. Most of them don’t even require registration before you get access to the games. Evaluation before real money gets involved is our top tip. Why not poke around and see what you like, when the barrier to entry is so low as it is? Have fun!

Best Sports Betting Tip – Rest Your Mind

When we talk about sports betting, we’re really speaking to the intermediate and advanced punter that knows that they can’t just bet from the gut. Going on the wisdom of the crowd will eventually leave you broke, while being a “sharp” will eventually lead you to some big payouts. Just look at the guy that did a calculated long bet on the Kansas City Royals winning the World Series! Now that’s dedication, but he used all of the available data to his advantage. If you want a break, head over to and rest your mind.

Now, it might not sound like advice that applies to you. We’re sure that you like to live and breathe sports betting, watch all of the games, and argue the different handicapping methods and merits in chat rooms and community boards. But the truth is this: you can only do so much of one thing before you get tired of it. It’s time to look deeper into trying new games that don’t take so much mental energy.

mobile slots

As always, we have to go to slots and instant win games because they’re the easiest to play. You don’t have to be a master of sports betting in order to have fun with these virtual fruit machines. Of course, we’re being a little tongue in cheek, since these games blow the classic fruit machines away by a thousand kilometers.

You get great gameplay with them, but it’s all on your terms. You get to log on when you want, play the games you want, meet new people, and get to win good money doing simple tasks. Wouldn’t that be a great story to bring to your hardcore sports betting friends? While they were struggling, you were making money without having to really lift a finger. That’s something that we always like to hear about, so if you win you have to let us know how much and what game you played.

Do you want to take your fun on the road? If you play at, you can definitely look into mobile options that will let you have similar experiences with the casino, even if you’re on your phone. Not every site can say the same thing — even in this day and age, many sites have chosen not to have any type of mobile responsiveness. A pity, to be sure.

Resting your mind will make you sharper and help you pick up patterns that you may not have seen when you were stressed out. Try this tip and let us know — we’re pretty sure that it could change the results you get out of your plays!

Premier League Betting Tips You Can Bank On

When it comes to watching fast action sports, Premier League football is the best. We find ourselves definitely loving the teams, loving the games, and just loving the thrill of being able to bet on what most people consider to be “the best of the best”. If you’re looking for tips on how you can make more off this betting action, you’ve come to the right place. Below are a few general tips to improving your odds.

1. Dig Into Past Performance Hard

One thing we recommend before anything else is to dig into the last 5 – 7 matches of a team that you’re interested in. You can’t always go with the crowd favorite, because they’re not really using logic to figure anything out. You need to go with looking at what the past performance tells you. If they’re having a rough time in the last few matches, do you believe that they will be able to turn it around? What data do you see that would support such a conclusion? Is there any chance that they simply might be lagging behind compared to other teams that have had a really sharp uptick in performance? These are all questions that you should be able to answer when you’re looking at one team against another. Failure to really take these questions seriously can result in missed opportunities and wasted cash as you hop from one team to another. For research purposes, you may only have enough time to focus on a handful of teams. This isn’t a bad thing when you look at what you can achieve just by getting a lot more focused than you usually are.

Premier League Betting Tips

2. Take Note of Entrances and Exits

Who’s new on the team? Who had to leave briefly because of injury? It might not seem like the case, but the reality is that the team shifts slightly every time there is an entrance, and every time there is an exit. Looking at these entrances and exits before you bet can increase your chances of winning dramatically. Team mechanics is a long subject in of itself, but it’s one that we’ll cover more in detail at a later time. [Read more…]

Five things to remember when registering for free bet websites

Free bets are a great promotional offer that online gamblers can now receive each time they sign up for a new online gambling service, Free bets let you place bets just like any other kind of bet, but allow you to do it without actually spending a penny! Of course, you will be required to make a minimum deposit, but this is incredibly small in comparison to the money you could be winning from free bets. When registering for free bet websites, there are five things that you must remember.

The first thing that you should do is to not spend too much on the site! Naturally you’re going to be spending some money on the website, as the free bets don’t last forever. No matter how good the free bets might be, do not let them draw you in so much that you spend extortionate amounts of money continuing to bet after your free bets run out. So the first thing to do would be to set a limit on the amount that you want to bet.

free bet

Another thing to do is to note that your free bets will not last forever. This is already briefly outlined, but it’s important to note. Not knowing when your free bets run out is a sure ticket towards spending money you don’t want to spend. If you’ve entered your card details into the website, then the chances are if you continue to bet when your free bets run out then you will be charged straight to your card.

When registering for free bet websites, you should also always use your real details. Some people feel that it isn’t safe to enter their real details on the Internet, but given the nature of gambling websites it’s important that you real identity can be identified. If you ever win anything, you want the money being given to the right person! [Read more…]

Hockey is Coming – Study the Data Now!

What does data have to do with the upcoming hockey season? Quite a bit, actually. You see, a lot of people won’t think about hockey or betting on the games until late October when the season actually starts. But if you think about it wouldn’t it make a lot of sense to get as much hockey news as possible now? Indeed, you want to get as much data because you want to be a smart bettor, not someone that just goes with the crowd.

The way hockey is set up is through favorites and underdogs. The crowd will lean towards a certain favorite to win a game, only to find that they’re actually the weakest team if you study the data.

Could you imagine being able to set up great wins, if you had a deeper understanding of the game?

This article gives a light introduction into what to look for. As we get closer to hockey season, we’ll reveal more tips, tricks, and techniques of selecting the best teams.

Stanley Cup

First, you need to look at the team itself. Who is new on the team, and who has been on the team a long time? The longer a person has played for the team in question, the more solid their moves are going to be. The coach doesn’t have to introduce them to the basic system of defense and offense; they know what to do because they’ve had it drilled in so many times it’s unreal. Every hockey team is going to do quite a bit of practice in the offseason, along with having their own level of natural talent.

Let’s not forget that you want to watch for injuries. Who got hurt last season? Even if they make a comeback to the current season, there’s no guarantee that they’re going to be able to give you the same results on the team as they did the previous season before they were injured.

Finally, you want to look at your star people. Who has shown consistent improvement fro season to season? Sometimes a hockey player just needs more time on the ice in order to really shine.

Are you a super hockey fan? Will you be watching all of the games, or just the playoffs before the Stanley Cup? Sound off in the comments, we would love to hear from you!

The Online Gambling Revolution Picks Up in the US

When the NBA’s commissioner says that expanded gambling is “inevitable“, you know that you’re about to witness a major change in the country’s online gambling scene. This represents a massive opportunity for the US to get with the program and expand online gambling. Plenty of European countries have land based casinos and online casinos. The idea that land based casinos are going to vanish simply because people want to be able to bet on things from their laptops and mobile phones is absurd. The money goes back into the economy sooner or later. What do you think people are going to do with their winnings? Save them? Hardly. Once you win money form the casino, it’s your to do with as you see fit.

There’s no one telling you what to do, how to do it, or when. Online gambling is completely in your control, and that’s why the U.S. needs to expand out to other forms of gambling.

Online Gambling us

The online sports betting market is absolutely huge, and represents the most opportunity. Imagine being able to bet on all of the games naturally without any hassles or concerns. That’s not going to be a pipe dream forever, but it is something that’s going to take some time.

Why? Politics, of course. Lobbying groups are determined to stop the spread of online gambling, lest they lose profits. But the tastes of the consumer are changing in a way that we think is interesting, to say the very least.

What do you think? Should the U.S. go ahead and get on board with online gambling fully? Or do you think the local betting outlets are more than enough? Feel free to share your opinions with us; we’re listening!

Great News! You Can Bet On All of the Best NFL Teams

Who will rise to the top of the heap and take the Super Bowl ring? Well, no one knows yet. The official season doesn’t start until a few days after Labor Day, fueling plenty of early speculation. There are even some exotic bets that let you pick who will take Super Bowl gold early on, but we don’t recommend those. Exotic bets are usually for laughs, or for people that have more money than sense. Standard football bets are the way to go.

There is some really good news though: you can bet on all of the best NFL teams, without even leaving home! Before the rise of online sportsbooks, you usually had to rely on a few bets at the bar before the game started, or some lunchtime betting around the water cooler. Better make those bets quick, because you don’t want the boss walking in just as you get everything set up the way you wanted!

NFL football

With the online world, the only person that knows that you’re gambling is you. While most people don’t really care, there’s still a small yet very vocal group that seems to be very concerned with not just NFL football and how it’s taking over our culture, but how people seem to think gambling is far too addictive to just let anyone place bets online. It’s up to you to decide what you want to do, but gambling is just plain fun. Do you trust yourself enough to drive a car every day? You’re taking plenty of responsibility every time you drive; gambling is the same thing. Just because both activities can be destructive doesn’t mean that they aren’t also productive, entertaining, and interesting. Driving can relieve stress for many people, but that’s not the only type of action you can take to chase the blues away or have a good time.

You can check out an awesome gambling portal like Allpro sportsbook, where they set everything you need up properly for sports betting. You can choose what type of bets you’d like to place, and the site will walk you through it. If you’re a new player, they’ll even give you a bonus just for depositing your money.

NFL football has a longstanding tradition not just in the US, but all over the world. If you are lucky enough to catch a few games, why shouldn’t you be able to bet on your favorite teams?

Any Bets On What Might Happen At The US Open?

Have you been following the tennis season this year? There’s only one major tournament left on the schedule this season, the US Open Grand Slam which serves into action on August 25 in New York City and the way the last few tournaments played out, the odds are anyone’s bet.

When the US Open does get the ball serving, there are a few big names to keep a close eye on. The Williams’ sisters played very well in recent tournaments, and are favored to be top contenders for the women’s singles in New York. French Open champion Maria Sharapova is another good bet, while emerging players like Eugenie Bouchard are expected to hold their own.

In the men’s tournament, things are even more unpredictable. Defending champion Rafael Nadal may miss the Grand Slam due to an injury, while world number 10 Jo-Winfried Tsonga was the man to bet against three of the Big Four and is a wild card for the US Open.

US Open Grand Slam

Tennis is a very unpredictable game and the way this season unfolded, anything could happen as the year approaches the grand finale. There have been so many twists and turns that affected the biggest stars of the game this year that the odds on the top seeds may not be as solid as they might have once been.

Luckily there are resources online that you can use to help bet on tennis using logic and reason rather than an impulse to back one player regardless of their performance. This way you can review the odds on big matches leading up to as well as during the US Open, and make some money of your own – all the while cheering on your favourite players as they compete for Grand Slam glory.

Regardless of how the rest of the tennis season unfolds, it’s been a thrilling year with some players winning as expected with a healthy number of upsets along the way to keep things interesting. What’s to come on the remaining road towards the US Open will be seen in time.

Love College Football – Throw Some Flavor in the Game Today!

Watching college football is fun, for a lot of reasons. For one, the players tend to be extremely hungry because they’re fighting two battles. Imagine being a college student on an athletic scholarship. You’re not playing for a salary per se, but you’re playing for something that’s even more important: a bright future with an education attached. Paying for college is pretty tough for many people in the US, so the scholarships provided by colleges play a heavy role in moving people from one situation into a better one. These students combine their need to get an education with their absolute love of the game, which is a good thing for them, but an amazing thing for everyone watching at home.

There are plenty of chances to turn college football into a steady stream of good money that falls into your pocket. Sure, nothing’s guaranteed…but then again, it wouldn’t add spice if you could absolutely count on it, right? Absolutely.

So, let’s see how you can get into the “spice” without getting burned.

College Football

Go with Good Odds

At the heart of college football gambling lives great odds. Odds are how you make money. Not every sportsbook online is going to have good odds for players, and it can lead you to missing out on profits that would otherwise be yours. It’s not your fault at all; you just didn’t know the way the game works. Going deeper means having better information that protects your profits.

All you have to do is go home, get comfortable, and you can see the odds before you decide to put real money into this. Some people are skeptical because they believe that they can’t gamble online while watching the games that they really want to see, but that’s not the case at all. You get to enjoy plenty of action, tons of twists and turns. There are sudden upsets all the time, which is why the odds market is really to your advantage. After all, just because a team is rated to be the underdog doesn’t mean that they can’t win! If you really want to make decent money for the long haul, you need to look around for great odds, and then look at the statistics on different teams. Follow the current events around the teams that interest you. Did they get a bright star that could change the direction of the team? This is information that might seem unimportant, until you think about how upsets can change odds and turn a strange move into a winning one. Bet wisely and pay attention to what’s really going on.

Why wait when you can bet on the games you love, make a little money, and have fun with your mates? Check it out today!

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