Any Bets On What Might Happen At The US Open?

Have you been following the tennis season this year? There’s only one major tournament left on the schedule this season, the US Open Grand Slam which serves into action on August 25 in New York City and the way the last few tournaments played out, the odds are anyone’s bet.

When the US Open does get the ball serving, there are a few big names to keep a close eye on. The Williams’ sisters played very well in recent tournaments, and are favored to be top contenders for the women’s singles in New York. French Open champion Maria Sharapova is another good bet, while emerging players like Eugenie Bouchard are expected to hold their own.

In the men’s tournament, things are even more unpredictable. Defending champion Rafael Nadal may miss the Grand Slam due to an injury, while world number 10 Jo-Winfried Tsonga was the man to bet against three of the Big Four and is a wild card for the US Open.

US Open Grand Slam

Tennis is a very unpredictable game and the way this season unfolded, anything could happen as the year approaches the grand finale. There have been so many twists and turns that affected the biggest stars of the game this year that the odds on the top seeds may not be as solid as they might have once been.

Luckily there are resources online that you can use to help bet on tennis using logic and reason rather than an impulse to back one player regardless of their performance. This way you can review the odds on big matches leading up to as well as during the US Open, and make some money of your own – all the while cheering on your favourite players as they compete for Grand Slam glory.

Regardless of how the rest of the tennis season unfolds, it’s been a thrilling year with some players winning as expected with a healthy number of upsets along the way to keep things interesting. What’s to come on the remaining road towards the US Open will be seen in time.

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