Common Horse Racing Multiple Bets That You Need to Know About

Just when you thought you’ve heard about every single term in the world of horse racing, we had to go and throw more at you. We apologize, but we have our reasons: we want to make sure that you’re as well informed as you can possibly be. Of course, this isn’t stuff that you’ll dive into immediately as a newbie. Multiple bets can be pretty complicated. If you’re not doing sophisticated handicapping and looking at as much data as you can, then this information isn’t going to benefit you. You’ll need to make sure that you are looking at each horse and really evaluating whether or not it’s a winner. Betting from the gut when it comes to a multiple betting scheme is going to make you lose more money than what you stand to make. Once you are ready, check out grand national live betting odds and place the winning bet.

Here’s a few common horse racing multiple bets that you’ll run into and hear about as you begin looking at horse racing forums.

The Trixie

What a fun name for a fun multiple bet — this is where you make 4 bets involving 3 selections in different events. The bet includes 3 doubles and 1 treble. Two of your picks have to be successful to get a return.

Horse Racing Multiple Bets

The Patent

A patent bet is going to be made up of 7 bets that involve 3 selections in different events. The bet will include a single on each select, 3 doubles, and a treble. If one selection is successful, then you get a return.

The Yankee

This is one of our favorites. The Yankee consists of 11 bets: 4 selections in different events. You get 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and an accumulator. 2 of your selections must be successful to get a return, but you get more money if more selections are successful.

The Lucky 15

This is starting to get complicated with 15 bets. 4 selections in different events. The bet is made up of: 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles, and 1 fourfold. If one selection wins, you’ll get a consolation on the returns like double or treble the odds. If all four selections win, then you get a bonus of 10% or more to total returns. If you are going with an each-way, the consolation is only paid on the win part of the bet.

The Goliath

This is one big monster bet! The Goliath can be broken down to 247 bets that involve 8 selections in different events. The bet includes: 28 doubles, 56 trebles, 70 fourfolds, 56 fivefolds, 28 sixfolds, 8 sevenfolds, and an accumulator. A minimum of 2 of your selections have to be successful to get a return.

There are plenty of multiple bets, but we picked the ones that you should hear about over and over again. This is not for the faint hearted — again, make sure that you’re picking wisely. Good luck!

A Quick Intro to Laying and Exchanges

Hello, punters! We’re back to continue getting you up to speed so you don’t look like you have no idea what’s going on in the greater sports betting world. It’s all about knowing the terms that everyone else is flinging around. The more that you can work on this, the more money that you’re going to make. The worst thing that you can do is be very uninformed about what’s going on. The terms matter, people. They just do.

Anyway, moving on to what we really want to talk about today — laying and exchanges. You might wonder what these terms actually mean. Thankfully, today’s lesson is pretty straightforward.

Indeed, an exchange is just a betting website where punters bet against each other. You’ll be able to assume the position of the sportsbook and offer odds on things not to happen as well as betting in the normal way (the odds of something happening).

Well, the way bets are placed is a lot different from the traditional bookmakers. You’re going to be able to request your own odds on the markets as well as placing your bet at other offered odds as soon as possible.


It’s also important to realize that the closer you request your odds to the current trading price the more likely it is that your bet will be matched. If your bet is not matched before the beginning of the event the bet will be void and your stake will be returned to you.

An example is necessary to understand how all of this works.

Let’s say that you’re chilling at home and you see on the exchange that the odds on Arsenal to beat Man U are 3.5 to back and 3.7 to lay.

Now, you have some options. You could bet at 3.5 immediately, or you could offer to bet at 3.6, 3.7, or 3.8 and hope that someone matches your bet.

Well, if you make your odds too high, your bet won’t be matched. But if you can find the sweet spot in the market, your bet will be matched.

We can use this same type of example to explain laying, which is the act of betting on an outcome not to happen. This is essentially what your sportsbook is trying to do in order to achieve profits of their own. [Read more…]

A Quick Introduction to Betting on Basketball

Basketball is still in full swing, and it means that plenty of people are looking at betting on the big games that they see on TV. You need to make sure that you are looking at how to get in the action without getting burned. There’s no guarantee that you’re going to automatically win every single bet that you place but you can learn how to bet in a way that maximizes your chances of winning.

If you’re a complete sports betting newbie, you might wonder how the sportsbooks actually make their money. You see, they actually collect a commission on losing bets. The most common odds will be 11 to 10. So this means that if you really want to win $100, you’re actually going to be risking $110. If you place a bet on the Lakers to win, you collect $210. However, if you lose the bet you lose the entire $110 that you had to put up. Notice that when you win, your original stake is returned to you, including the “extra” piece.

The sportsbook doesn’t really care who wins and loses, because they’re making a commission from all of the losing bets. They want to try to balance the action between two teams, which is why they introduce a line or a spread. It makes the contest equally attractive for both sides.

Betting on Basketball

Basketball works on the money line as well, which is just a bet that’s placed without the point spread approach. You’re essentially just betting on the team of your choice to win “straight up”. You have to risk more to bet on the favorite to win, which in turn makes you win less. However, if you want to go for the underdog, then you bet a lot less to win more.

A quick example would be Celtics vs. Hawks, with the Celtics being the favorite. A money line could be:

Celtics -220
Hawks +180

So if you wanted to go for the Hawks, you would put up $100 to win 180. Not too bad, but you really need to make sure that the Hawks have a good chance of winning!

There are other type of bets to be found in the world of basketball betting.

As we mentioned before, there’s the straight bet — win/lose, team of your choice. However, there’s also the totals – over/under. You can bet the over or the under for the game total score. You add the scores of both teams to get the final number. So when you bet the “under”, you are betting that the score will be under the total. When you bet the “over”, you’re betting the score will be higher than the total. Using the Celtics v. Hawks example from earlier, you might find that Celtics hit 120 and the Hawks got 110. The total of the game is 230. If you bet over and the score was more than 230, you win. If you bet under and the score was less than 230, then you win in that case.

A tie is considered to be a push, for the record.

Basketball betting isn’t too difficult, but you will need to do your research. It can really be hard to be profitable in basketball but that doesn’t keep people from betting on all of the games they love! Good luck.

Sports Betting

A popular pastime all over the world, sports betting is much of a challenge, with the experience being a rewarding one in case luck favors you! Deeply rooted in most cultures, sports betting is much respected in Europe. In the US, online sports betting can at best be termed ambiguous. With sports betting going online with the growth of the Internet, the sport today has its own dedicated fan following. The principle of sports betting is just like all other betting types – the bottom-line being the house should not lose money.

With the bookmakers publishing the odds for sporting events, these in turn depend upon their understanding of the event’s probability. The dynamics of the odds can change with the betting trend and time remaining for the game to take place. If the punters identify more and more people betting on a favorite with low odds, the trend is to try and pull a part of the crowd to bet for the nonstarter. This can be done by cutting down on the returns on favorites or by reducing the number of odds on the underdog.

Once the bookmakers publish the odds, the bettors study them and place their bets with a bookmaker who according to them offer the most favorable odds. In case the bettors win, they take away the principal amount they bet, as well as the winning money. Online betting requires the bettors to have an account with the online sports company, with the payment being credited via credit cards generally or facilitators of online transaction. Online bookmakers offer extremely competitive odds and provide bettors with the opportunity to place a number of specialty bets.

Factors influencing Online Betting

There are too many variables that affect a sports bet. Some of these are objective, like goals or points scored. The subjective variables include the presence or absence of a top performer from a team. Bettors can use the free advice of sports tipsters and sports betting softwares that help in understanding how different variables affect the outcome of an event. It also helps bettors place bets on events about which they have little knowledge. Without the tipsters and sports betting software, the most proficient and skilled bettor cannot cover more than two sports.


How to Place a Sports Bet

One of the best ways of placing a sports bet is by keeping a tab of the match statistics, following expert opinions and participating in online sports betting forums where you can discuss strategy with fellow punters. With the gradual understanding of your individual wagering style, you can make out whether you can succeed by betting with the odds or against them. This factor helps you out as returns on bets placed on underdogs are better; and you grow into the hang of winning such bets making good money. Check out the odds placed by the bookmakers before placing a bet,.

As a novice or an expert you can use various financial strategies based on statistical formulae. Some of them are: Bank Percentage, Flat, Kelly Criteria, Martingale, Fixed Profit etc. it is a common belief, however, that the arbitrage and scalping betting methods are risk-free and profitable.

The Right Poker Table Makes a Difference When it Comes to Cash Games

Are you looking at getting more into poker? If you are…great! A lot of people are trying to get deeper into poker, and that’s not a bad thing at all. What you need to do is make sure that you’re thinking about which table to join. The table really does matter, because you want to maximize your time. You need to think about a few things, such as your aggressiveness, the number of chips you have to play with, and how willing you are to adapt.

Since you’re playing with real money, you don’t really want to get into the thought that you can just take chances without thinking about the consequences. There are always consequences, positive and negative. If you’re looking at 20 different tables you could play at, then you need to make sure that you have some ways to filter things out.

Keep in mind that if you are at a table where a lot of the players have big stacks, you need to really make sure that you keep your game strong. They are going to be pretty aggressive and see you as an easy target. Be aware of possible bluffs.

Right Poker Table

Make sure that you also go back to the fundamentals. There’s no reason to ignore the structure of flops, or to skip over pot odds and implied odds. A lot of players tend to default back to playing from the gut, and that’s not good poker. It might sound like it’s good poker, but you’re mistaken. It just doesn’t make sense to start playing at random unless you’re trying to deliberately disrupt your image and shake things up. Even then, you need to know what you’re doing and be ready to stop when you’re getting ahead of yourself.

Can you force people to fold? If so, then you might find a great way to get chips quickly. You also want to make sure that you know when to move on to a new table. This is something that poker newbies fail at. They get so caught up with playing the game of poker that they don’t really think about what else might be hiding out there for them. Know when you’ve gotten most of the money out of a table. Don’t get greedy — this has caused a lot of poker players to suffer big losses that could have otherwise been prevented.

Keep these tips in mind, and there will be nothing that you can’t do!

Betting on the Big Games Is Where It’s At!

Sorting out your gambling needs is something that you have to figure out for yourself. Everyone’s going to have different things that they really want to pull out of the big world of gambling. That doesn’t mean that one person’s idea of gambling has to be that way across the board, but it does mean that you’re going to need to think carefully about the type of experience that you want.

What about sports betting? Betting on the big games is truly where it’s at. Did you know that even if you don’t have a cable subscription at home, you can still watch the big games? By participating in online sports betting, you really can. This means that you will be able to watch the game via live online streaming. Sportsbooks get permission to stream this type of thing, leaving you with the opportunity to really get into the game.

Meeting other people that are passionate about sports is the best part about the process. You just have to make sure that you get with the right sportsbook. Not all of them are going to be the right one for you. It’s all about finding a sportsbook that features the type of stuff that you want to bet money on.


NHL fan? Find a sportsbook that’s going to accommodate your NHL hockey games to the fullest. Live streaming isn’t necessary, but it is a really nice feature. It’s up to you to define what you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that just like casinos, sportsbooks have welcome bonuses. You have to make sure that you qualify, but this won’t be a problem for most people at all. Just deposit real money, and the casino will take care of the rest of the promotion on their own.

There’s plenty of great sportsbooks out there. Security is heavily enforced, so you don’t have to worry about a casino making off with your hard earned money. They wouldn’t be in business for very long if they did that.

Take the plunge. Check out a sportsbook review directory to narrow down where you want to play. Make sure that you’re getting a sportsbook that’s running a good promotion as well. This can only make your bankroll swell as time passes, right? Get in the game today, you’ll be glad that you did!

Soccer betting – Asian Handicaps

The most popular form of soccer betting is the win-draw-win or 1×2, which has players picking one of three possible outcomes and wagering money on it. If the outcome of the game matches the player’s choice, he wins. If it doesn’t, he loses. The only problem with this setup is – and this will probably be obvious straight away for US bettors – that out of the three possible outcomes, two favor the house, and only one backs the bettor. The bottom line: the odds are not exactly favorable for the bettor, as a matter of fact, a savvy US bettor wouldn’t really get his money into the middle on such a proposition. Enter the Asian handicap. This type of soccer betting originates from Asia, hence its name. Though it is nowhere near as popular as the win-draw-win (the bulk of the betting public is obviously intimidated by the weird name and the unknown structure behind it), the Asian handicap offers the bettor much better odds. Once you get the basics of the Asian handicap you’ll realize it’s actually extremely simple and due to the better odds that’s probably all you’ll ever want to use.

The first step is to understand how the Asian handicap works. Only by truly understanding the mechanism at work will you be able to take advantage of it, just placing Asian handicap bets for the heck of it is not the way to go.


The Asian handicap eliminated one of the three possible outcomes featured by 1X2 betting. The draw is no longer an option with the Asian Handicap. You bet on either team A to win or team B. The whole setup is similar to the spread betting used in football and basketball: one of the teams starts out with a handicap, meaning that – because it is more likely to win on account of the superior collective skills of the players – it’ll start anywhere from a quarter goal to several goals down. If you bet on the favorite, it basically needs to cover that handicap for you to win. If the underdog prevents the favorite from covering the handicap, you lose. If you bet on the underdog and it loses by less than the “handicap” given to the favorite, you win the bet.

Though the betting mechanism at work in Asian Handicaps is extremely simple, finding ways to win is extremely tricky. Proper handicapping becomes more important than ever, because the nature of the sport you bet on. You may pick a favorite to cover a spread which you consider to be a decent one knowing the strengths of the two teams involved, only to find that the favorite isn’t exactly motivated and it settles for a marginal win, saving its key players for more important confrontations.

The way to find value in Asian Handicaps is a lot like the way you find value in the basketball or football lines. The bookmaker needs to balance every game he offers through the handicap (he aims to get bettors onto both sides, in a relatively equal proportion). He needs to do that so he can collect his vigorish (aka juice), risk-free. The juice works just like the poker rake does in online poker, with the difference that while in poker you can recover your rake through rakeback  in Asian Handicap betting you can’t really do the same.

As he balances his games by means of the spread, the bookie may be forced to perform line movements he wouldn’t normally perform. The reason for such line movements is the money, more of which may come in on one side than on the other.

Sports betting bankroll management

If you’re a poker player, you probably know how important bankroll management is in the game’s long-term balance. You secure EV+ through proper strategy, skills and rakeback deals. You then have to make sure that the EV+ (positive expected value) gets a chance to surface to start earning money for you.

The very same thing goes for sports betting. You need a decent bankroll and you need to learn exactly how much you can bet on an individual game in order not to endanger your bankroll.

Here’s an example to illustrate how the EV+ works and why you need to manage your bankroll.

In order to secure EV+ in a game, you need to be able to reverse-handicap games, track lines and find the hidden value. When you do find it, and you take advantage of it, the hidden value will give you an edge of a couple of percents over the bookie, whose vig/juice (a commission which is a lot like the rake in poker) would otherwise place him way out of your reach odds-wise. Those few percents of positive EV do not guarantee you anything, especially not in the short-run. In the long-run, they do in fact guarantee that you’ll walk away a winner, but for that, you’ll have to be around for the long-run.

The bottom line is: even if you’re capable of securing EV+ where most bettors can’t, it won’t do you much good if you fail to manage your bankroll properly.

Enough small-talk though: how much should you post on any given game then to make sure your bankroll exists for long enough to see the EV+ kick in for you?

betting bankroll management

Regardless of the actual size of your bankroll, you should never post more than 2-3% of it on any given game. Of course, there will be special games you’ll feel extremely strongly about. On such games – in order to maximize your profits – you can go as high as 5% but NEVER more than that.

The reasoning behind the numbers is simple: if you bet more than 5% of your bankroll on any one game, you’re practically guaranteed to run out of money if you hit around 54-58%. If you post less on every match-up though, your bankroll will survive and you will make money using this strategy.

The potential problems with this setup are obvious, and they’re mostly discipline related ones. Every sports bettor has a tendency to become greedy when he hits a winning streak. Why not bet more and risk more if you feel you’re going to end up with the win anyway? The temptation is certainly there but cold-hard math tells you not to give in to it. Just stick to your 2-5% and don’t waver.

The weird thing about successful sports betting is that winning feels a lot like losing. Even as a winner, you’ll have to accept the fact that you lose a lot. It has nothing to do with the exhilaration of hitting the jackpot in a casino, there’s nothing glamorous about it. Much like in online poker, winning’s about putting in tons and tons of hard work and then settling for the fact that a lot of the time you will lose even when you’re 100% certain you’ve delivered your best. Don’t chase your losses trying to fight losing weeks. You can’t fight losing streaks, you can only create the impression that you’re fighting at a great cost. Just ride along and accept the fact that losing streaks do happen. Never forget: winning feels pretty much like losing in sports betting. Don’t chase that “feeling like a winner” thing, you will not find it here.

Football Betting and the Value of Reverse Handicapping

Reverse handicapping. What exactly is it supposed to be? Plain handicapping is about the analysis of various game–related factors and their influence on the possible outcome of the game. While absolutely necessary, straightforward handicapping is seldom enough to give a sports-bettor a lasting EV+ edge. All squares do straight handicapping. How good they’re at it is an entirely different question, but as far as the scope of this article is concerned, that is quite irrelevant.

The bottom line is that your straight handicapping is not going to take you far, and it will most likely only get you to post your money on the square side of each bet.

Successful sports bettors know that straight handicapping, the understanding of the vig and the ability to read the lines are not enough to make sports betting profitable. Something called reverse handicapping is also needed. Reverse handicapping consists in the tracking of the line movements, with the full understanding of the factors that lead to those movements. In order to understand why the lines move at all, one needs to understand the MO of the bookmaker.

Reverse Handicapping

The bookmaker is always looking to make a risk-free dollar, and towards that end, he aims to balance every single match-up it offers as close to perfection as possible. Why is this balancing act needed? Suppose an X number of players get their monies into the middle on one side of a match-up, and a Y number on the other. If X is approximately equal to Y, the bookie can pay all the winners with the money dropped by the losers and keep the vig. It’s as simple as that. Of course, a perfect balance is quite impossible to achieve, but there are limits which the bookie is willing to cover from his own pockets/the vig. Anything that falls outside of those limits prompts a movement of the lines. Because he’s moving his lines on account of square pressure and not on account of actual facts that modify the base data of the match-up, the bookmaker will leave extra value on the other side of the bet. Good sport bettors call this the “hidden value” and they’re quite adept at finding and exploiting it.

As you can see, the above theory is pretty simple. The actual tracking of the lines/reverse handicapping is much more difficult, I’d even go as far as to call it daunting. The problem is that a movement of the lines can result from a variety of causes. Side notes can be a reason. Side notes are injuries, travel issues, suspensions and a bunch of other factors that do indeed impact the performance of a team. Any line movements caused by such factors are fully justified and therefore they never induce hidden value.

Another reason for line movements is smart money. This is quite probably the toughest to spot. Smart money is obviously the opposite of square money: it is money coming in from gambling syndicates or groups of professional players and it too can cause movements in the line.

As you can see, turning your sports betting into a long term EV+ activity is not exactly a simple achievement. You need to pull out all stops to beat the vig. In online poker, the rake is pretty much the same as the vig in sports betting. Players can combat the poker rake through rakeback deals though and thus they don’t need to consider a hundred different variables when looking to beat the house’s share of the action.

Sports betting and reverse handicapping

Being a successful handicapper will certainly offer you an edge in your sports gambling, but will that be enough to make you a long-term winner? Not exactly. You see, being a successful sports bettor is not only about understanding the sport that you’re betting on perfectly and being able to dissect each and every single match-up right down to the bone. That too is needed but it’s not enough by a long-shot. A sharp sports bettor understands the way the bookmaker works and he is just as good a reverse handicapper as he’s a straight one. Why is it essential to see matchups and lines from the other side of the barricade? Because that’s just about the only way you’ll be able to locate hidden value and thus to secure positive long term EV (expected value).

Believe it or not, square sports betting is a negative EV activity. You get your money in on the favorite and when the fav does come through for you, you win your money back plus almost as much on top of it (minus the vig of course). The vig acts the same way the poker rake does in online poker: it bites into your narrow margin mercilessly. In poker there are rakeback deals, in live sports betting there’s not much you can do about the vig. When you lose, you lose your money. On a perfectly balanced match-up (and believe you me, the bookie will do everything to balance the match-up as close to perfection as possible), that is pretty much the definition of negative long-term EV. There’s only one variable you can exploit to turn your negative EV into positive EV, and that’s the movement of the lines. Before we go any further though, we need to take a look at the reasons why the bookie moves his lines around.

Not all line movements mean hidden value. When the lines move on account of the side notes, then the movements are fully justified and they truthfully reflect the new situation arisen on the court/field. Side notes are player injuries, roster changes, travel problems, suspensions etc. Make sure the line does not move on account of the side notes before you jump all over the perceived hidden value.

Line movements which bring about hidden value are caused by bettor-pressure. Sometimes, square money will come in way too thick on one side of a match-up (usually on that of the favorite) and it will therefore upset the delicate balance achieved by the bookmaker. When the balance is upset, the bookie needs to compensate by moving his lines. He will make the less bet-on side of the match-up more attractive, mostly by inducing undue value to it. That there is the hidden value. The hidden value seldom lasts. Sharps (betting syndicates) may jump on it and erase it in a heartbeat, or the measure undertaken by the bookie may prove a little too successful and the other side of the bandwagon may fill up faster than projected.

The bottom line is that in order to be able to reap the benefits of these line movements, you pretty much need to monitor these movements on a constant basis. Weekly games are easier to track, because you have several days at your disposal to see how the line evolves. Daily games are more difficult to monitor because things speed up for them. The most important thing is to get the opening lines and to remember them, so you have a basis for comparison on subsequent lines. Track just a few games for starters, move up to more as soon as you feel you’re comfortable with what you’re able to handle.

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