Matched Betting – Sports Arbitrage

Matched betting or arbitrage betting, is a method of gambling on sporting events that involves betting on all the possible outcomes of that event to try and secure a profit regardless of who ends up actually winning.

Most of the time, of course, the odds offered by bookmakers, casinos and betting exchanges don’t allow you to do this. However,when bookmakers have significantly different opinions, have adjusted their prices to reflect their liabilities on a race or are simply running a promotion to attract new business then betting ricks can arise.

Sometimes they disappear in seconds, sometimes in minutes. Occasionally, no one wants to back down and they remain for 24 hours or more. Whenever they It is then that the matched bettors (or arbers) step in with their hedging calculators to extract a small – but significant profit every time.

Bet365’s Feature Race offer

The best place to start matched betting is with’s 4/1+ feature race offer. I have prepared a step by step guide to extracting a safe profit from this offer which runs every day at my favourite bookie, bet365.

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