Odds Hunting vs. Bonus Hunting – 3 Points For More Money

Is bonus hunting the best way to break into sports betting? Not necessarily. These days, you have to look at which bonuses are available, along with their terms and conditions. Free bets can still make sense if you work them to your advantage.

But we wanted to open the door to something else that you might not consider at first: odds hunting. Here’s three points for more money:

1. Go for the Lowest Margins Possible

We talked about margins a little bit in another article, but the fact remains that you need to look at how much a sportsbook is trying to make off you. Listen very well: there’s no way to avoid the margin completely. In order to stay open, the bookmarker has to get something out of the deal. But you can go for a site that actually shaves down the margins to the point where you can make money. Not shopping around for odds is bad, because youíre basically leaving money on the table. As sportsbooks adapt to the market, theyíre coming out with different ways to give you an awesome experience. Why settle for less than that? There’s no need to do so anymore. Rather than try to work out on paper what your margin is, why not just use a margin calculator? There’s easy to find, easy to use, and you’ll know immediately where you stand.

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2. Examine Your Real Odds

Do odds change over time? You betcha. Do punters look up which odds they’re really working with? Not always. This is another way that you can lose money on a bet. If a series of bets is no longer profitable, it’s better to scrap it rather than to keep pressing the matter. Sometimes odds change as a series continues, and you have to recalculate on the fly to make sure that youíre not throwing money into a pit.

3. Avoid the Obvious

Going for the favorite makes sense if you’ve never done too much gambling. But as you get deeper into the category, you’ll realize fast that picking the best underdog for your wager is better than going after the favorite. The money is made when the underdog wins, rather than when the favorite wins. It takes a lot more money to profit from a favorite winning than the underdog winning.

We’ll keep talking about this as time goes on. This spring and summer present plenty of grand opportunities for smarter wagers. Are you part of the new revolution? Do you have any surefire tips that you’re like to share with the audience? Sound off in the comments, or shoot us an e-mail.

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