After the World Cup, Will There Be a New Demand for Legalized Sports Betting

Although the US isn’t really known for football (soccer), that didn’t stop anyone from getting a little national pride in the States and watching the home team play as hard as they could. After the USA lost to Belgium, most fans are quitting the Cup and going back to their lives. But there is a growing amount of support for a subject that’s gaining traction with each passing day: sports betting.

At this time, sports betting is super hard to find. You can do it in Vegas, to a certain extent, but there’s no national allowance made for sports betting. Old laws on the book are keeping people from truly getting into the swing of things, and that’s a real shame.

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In our opinion, the World Cup represented a grand chance to bet on something far bigger than any mere sports event. It’s country against country, but not in a barbaric way. It’s not a war where there will be bodies littered everywhere or nations in turmoil. It highlights athleticism and competition. Who doesn’t like a good, friendly competition? Sure, everyone wants their team to take the Cup but that doesn’t mean that they will actually pull it off.

There are bets that take place but they aren’t legal. What the United States needs to realize is that they have a huge fanbase willing to pour money into legalized sports betting. If they can’t do it where they live, they will do it online. Guess what? Those companies are owned by foreign corporations. Gambling is heavily regulated online, and some sportsbooks do indeed take US players. It’s an untapped resource that just isn’t getting used to its full potential, which is a real shame in of itself.

When will the country get a clue? Is it going to take the rise of other nations to finally get the government to take action? Only time will tell.

If you’re a US player, feel free to sound off in the comments and tell us what you think about this mess. We’re all ears!

Odds Hunting vs. Bonus Hunting – 3 Points For More Money

Is bonus hunting the best way to break into sports betting? Not necessarily. These days, you have to look at which bonuses are available, along with their terms and conditions. Free bets can still make sense if you work them to your advantage.

But we wanted to open the door to something else that you might not consider at first: odds hunting. Here’s three points for more money:

1. Go for the Lowest Margins Possible

We talked about margins a little bit in another article, but the fact remains that you need to look at how much a sportsbook is trying to make off you. Listen very well: there’s no way to avoid the margin completely. In order to stay open, the bookmarker has to get something out of the deal. But you can go for a site that actually shaves down the margins to the point where you can make money. Not shopping around for odds is bad, because youíre basically leaving money on the table. As sportsbooks adapt to the market, theyíre coming out with different ways to give you an awesome experience. Why settle for less than that? There’s no need to do so anymore. Rather than try to work out on paper what your margin is, why not just use a margin calculator? There’s easy to find, easy to use, and you’ll know immediately where you stand.

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2. Examine Your Real Odds

Do odds change over time? You betcha. Do punters look up which odds they’re really working with? Not always. This is another way that you can lose money on a bet. If a series of bets is no longer profitable, it’s better to scrap it rather than to keep pressing the matter. Sometimes odds change as a series continues, and you have to recalculate on the fly to make sure that youíre not throwing money into a pit.

3. Avoid the Obvious

Going for the favorite makes sense if you’ve never done too much gambling. But as you get deeper into the category, you’ll realize fast that picking the best underdog for your wager is better than going after the favorite. The money is made when the underdog wins, rather than when the favorite wins. It takes a lot more money to profit from a favorite winning than the underdog winning.

We’ll keep talking about this as time goes on. This spring and summer present plenty of grand opportunities for smarter wagers. Are you part of the new revolution? Do you have any surefire tips that you’re like to share with the audience? Sound off in the comments, or shoot us an e-mail.

Who’s Ready for the Kentucky Derby

In the world of horse racing, the Kentucky Derby is definitely a race that you have to check out. It’s going to be held on the 2nd and 3rd of May at Churchill Downs. Now, May is still a long way away but that doesn’t mean punters aren’t already eyeballing the contenders merrily.

If you’re going to start handicapping now, you need to look at different races as we get to the Derby, not just the Derby itself. Doesn’t that make sense? You don’t want to bet from the gut when there’s so much money to be made on a great horse. You have to think carefully about how you’re going to set up your bet down the road.

There are some races that you’ll want to study historically for any horses that seem interesting.

Kentucky Derby

The first race to look at would be the Risen Star Stakes. That just happened on the 22nd of February, but it’s a very important race. You’ll have some allowance winners in the mix, and very few maiden horses. Maiden horses that haven’t won are always a wildcard, because you just don’t know what their final performance will be. Still, the Risen Star Stakes is a race that gets everyone’s attention. Many have made Derby picks just off this race alone!

The Fountain of Youth Stakes is another one to watch. It just aired a day or two ago as well, and it features a very hefty purse. This means that the star horses were definitely on that track. If you’re new to handicapping, don’t worry: we’ll cover more handicapping tactics in just a little while.

The final two races to check out would be the Davona Dale Stakes, as well as the Rachel Alexandra Stakes. These are races that feature nothing but fillies. Some might scoff at these races, but we like them for one reason: it’s easy to catch the silent top picks. While everyone’s watching the boys, there just might be a filly that surprises us. You just never know; fillies have taken the Kentucky Derby before!

So, what horses are you looking at for the Kentucky Derby right now? We’d love to hear your picks! And if there’s a race that we need to go back and check out again, do let us know in the comments!

Your Betting – How Horse Injuries Can Derail Your Betting Goals

No one wants to deal with an injured horse, but such a thing is part of the greater world of horse racing. You might as well get used to it. And if you’re going to get serious about horse betting, you have to get excited about horse racing too. You can’t just bet from the gut and hope that everything is going to be okay. Well, we take that back. If you don’t care whether you win or lose, then it doesn’t matter at all. However, if you’re like many people and you really, really want to win serious money over time, you have to start looking at how these factors make all of the difference in the world.

The top reason why injured horses are such a wildcard is that you really never know how healed they are until they’ve done another race. This is where you want to look and see their pace, how they handled the jockey, how they were on the track itself. Remember our pointers about track bias? You want to study the conditions of the track from start to finish and note how they change.

Horse Injuries

The best thing that you can do is to place bets carefully for an injured horse. A lot of people are going to want to see if that horse can still perform, including the owners themselves! They’re not going to let a super injured horse just race again without really making sure that they can handle it. Still, that doesn’t mean that there can’t be performance issues involved.

If you follow free tip sites, it might be worth your while to see if there’s any rumors or discussion about a horse. Genuine news articles can work well also.

The point here is that you have to take your research to the next level if you want to continue hitting it out of the park in terms of picking good horses. Unfortunately, we know that we can say this all day long, but only certain people will honestly follow this advice. They will be otherwise busy trying to get emotional about horses. Don’t get us wrong at all — we think these animals are incredibly beautiful, strong, and very powerful. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll bet on them no matter what. If a horse is no longer profitable, it’s time to cut them loose. That’s the way the game is really played. Now, you can stay being an amateur, or you can learn more and move up into the big leagues. The choice, like most things in life, is always up to you.

Why Smart Punters Look at Handicapping Pace

As promised, we wanted to dig more into the world of horse racing, and more into handicapping specifically. It’s quite possible to end up not handling handicapping the way you should. We understand that there’s a lot of data to process. you might not know where to really begin. But if you really want to dominate the racetrack in good time, you have to start looking at pace form a more serious point of view.

Can you use software to make pace handicapping easier? Absolutely — but you don’t want to do this right away. Like most things, it’s better to know how to do it manually. That way if you ever have to get things going on your own, you’re still going to be just fine. Some people rely so much on software that they really don’t understand the mechanics of what they’re dealing with. That’s a good way to lose money over the long run. Keep in mind that while software is definitely helpful, it can’t turn you into something that you aren’t. It can’t turn you into a super profitable, bettor that can see a good horse from a mile away. You have to do the research and put in the time — just like all of the other successful gamblers. Anybody can get lucky and bet form the gut a few times, winning small here and there. But you’re going to have to treat this almost like a lifestyle in terms of how much time you’re really willing to give to it. Some people can’t handle that, and that’s perfectly okay. It’s better to know your limits than not.

Anyway, moving back to pace handicapping. Pace covers the entire race as a whole. You need to try to figure out which horse can easily overtake the others, which horse is fast enough to keep up, and how hard is each horse really going to work. As you might imagine, these are some pretty tough questions to answer. You’ll get better at answering them and making educated guesses. Did we mention guesses? Yes, it’s true — you have to guess based on what you know. But that’s still an educated guess. You’re taking time to do the research into something that interests you.

Handicapping Pace

However, it still gets even deeper than our little overview. Smart punters get into handicapping pace because it allows them the proverbial 50,000 foot tower view of everything that’s going on. This is something that you have to work up to, but it’s completely worth it in the long run. Some people feel that they would be better served by looking at other numbers. That’s a bit misleading — you have to pull data from a lot of sources in order to really understand a horse’s pace. It also helps if you’ve seen the horse actually compete. There are times where the commentators are indeed wrong, or the horse shows a little more fire than expected later on. You just never know until you start looking into things further for yourself. There’s nothing wrong with knowing where you want to go, and even realizing that you have limits in place.

One of the top factors to look at when it comes to pace would have to be running style for each and every horse that you have your eye on. This is also where watching the replays really comes in. You have to look at some past performances in order to get the historical data you need. [Read more…]

Free Horse Picks Are Still Chugging Along – But Take Caution

Here’s something that I think we can all agree on: don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Still, does this extend to the world of free horse picks? Some say that this is the case, while others feel that it’s really not anything to worry about. You see, horse picking is something that’s personal. Would you tell another man what type of woman he should be interested in? I didn’t think so!

The truth is that not all horse picks will be generated in the same way. You have to really know the site and know the people that are publishing the information. We can look at horses all day, but we may come to a different conclusion as to how far to take things when it comes to the way that horse performs. Yes, there are some people that just bet from the gut. And that’s okay. They will take random horse picks and run with the ball. But if you’re trying to get into the business of horse handicapping, there’s a lot of data that you need to pour over.

I’m not going to insult the many hard working men and women that put together horse picks. They often take a long time to come to their conclusions, and they should be rewarded for that. However, just as some people take a lot of time to come to their own conclusions, there are some that don’t take enough time to come up with logical picks.

Horse Picks

If you’re getting serious about horse betting to the point where you want the best picks, you’re most likely going to have to spend some money. It’s the best way to get the attention of the community as well. If you’re someone that’s super serious about the game and you’re willing to invest, you won’t find too many to tell you that you’re out of your mind.

The truth here is that you need to seriously consider investing in this like you would anything else that you’re interested in. The more data that you can get your hands on, the better decisions that you’ll make. However, just because I’m telling you that doesn’t mean that you need to run out and get the worst data that you can lay your hands on. That just wouldn’t make any sense at all.

Horse racing is something that has a long tradition. Some people will be able to jump right into the game and make some good bets, while others will need assistance. It’s okay if you need a little more help than the average bear. We have you covered!

Sports Gambling Sites Leave You With Plenty of Ways to Get In On the Action

Watching the big game is one thing, but being able to bet on it is another. If you want to take your experience of the game to the next level, betting on it is a great way to do just that. Of course, you will definitely want to find a secure site that you can really use to your advantage. Different types of bets should be no problem for the numerous sports gambling sites out there, but you might be surprised.

The trouble with newcomers to the world of sports gambling is that they worry that there’s no way to actually get the bet placed and win real money. Everything seems fake and out of reach. However, that’s only the first glance. If you were to dig deeper, you’d realize that sports gambling sites really are there to make your life a lot easier than you expected. Instead of trying to settle bets with your friends by hand, you get to let the site take care of all of that for you.

Sports Gambling

You get to just focus on the entertainment aspect, which is the best part of the experience. Gambling is a bit of a rush and definitely a thrill. You don’t have to even bet that much in order to win money. You just need to make sure that you’re looking at the different bets and seeing what bets you want to make on all of the teams that matter most to you. Do you want to make sure that you’re going to be able to bet on your favorite team? The sport doesn’t really matter — but your passion certainly does.

Don’t give in to fear when you can really make all of these different bets pay off. It’s just a matter of looking at the site that you really want to check out. Most sites will even give you a bit of free money to use as a new player, so you can make your bets with a bit of the “house money”. What more could you really ask for, honestly?

If you want to have something to talk about as you watch the big games on TV, there’s nothing better than making sure that you place your bets before all of the action starts. What good is watching the game, after all, if you can’t get your bragging rights? Start today!

Factors that can affect the bet

Do you want to bet on soccer? You might have a favorite team. Who doesn’t? However, favoring one team might not be the best strategy for any bettor. If you cannot stick to one team, then how can you make a proper bet? It all becomes complicated from here on but you do not have to feel desperate and hopeless about it. Just learn these tips and you are on your way to success.

The team form
How was the team in the past match? Who was their opponent last time? What happened? Did the star player get injured? Were they able to score? Did they have a hard time playing? You might want to read the previous reports on the match to see how it went. All these can affect possibilities for winning or losing.

The amount of games they played within the week can affect their form in the following week or so. Who were their competitors in the previous weeks? Who will they battle in the following days? The schedule can help you uncover how the team might perform given the clues from their previous games and maybe their history playing against that particualr team. Them again, these are all hunches so you cannot say that they will result to how you predicted it.

Home and away score
there are some players that perform better in their home country and there are some that perform well when traveling to other places. It could be the change in culture, fewer fans, or pressures and other factors. It is very important to look at how they perform and see if they have unique patterns in their wins, draws and losses. This could ultimately affect you betting.

The motivation of the team.
Are they likely to be focused on international games compared to local league? The motivations of the players can determine the overall results of the game.

As you can see, betting on soccer online can be as  challenging and complicated. It requires dedication and real passion for the sport. You may not be a fan of a certain team but by acknowledging their skill and potential to win, you can use their win as your advantage to get better betting results.

Investing Money Into Sophisticated Horse Picking Systems

Are you trying to get better results when you step up to bet on all of the big horse races? You’re not alone. But if you’re new to the world of horse handicapping, it really can seem like a lot of work. It just feels like it would make a lot more sense if you could figure out a different system, or even borrow someone else’s system.

Investing money into sophisticated horse picks can be tricky. Just about everyone is offering horse picks these days, and it means that you’re going to have to be careful before you really get too deep into things like this. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re thinking about whether you’re going to make a return on your investment.

Horse Picking Systems

Think about the type of money that you have to spend on horse betting to begin with. If you’re not a big player yet, you really don’t need to do horse picks from a service. The reason why we say it that way is because it’s very easy to think that you’re going to be getting into a world that leads to instant profits, but that’s not the case either. You have to think about how much money you stand to win before you buy horse picks every day.

You also want to think about the source. If the people you’re buying the picks from aren’t seasoned handicappers, then what’s the point? The whole pint of buying picks is to avoid doing the work. Yet this is short sighted. “The work” in this case leads to the money, and you like money. Otherwise, why bet at all?

There’s a certain thrill in mastering horse handicapping. Sure, it’s not something that you can learn overnight, but what really is the right thing to do, when you really think about it? You owe it to yourself to figure out just about everything there is to know about horse handicapping. If you want to invest in a service, well…it’s your money.

We don’t think these services are always a good thing. If you’re going to do this, you want to make sure that you’re going with a service that truly raises the bar in terms of what to expect. That’s just the way it is, so make sure that you’re looking through all of your options. Of course, there are some free picks available, if you want to cut your teeth on those. You can always choose a premium service later when you feel more confident. Good luck out there!

Sabermetrics – Why It Can Change Your Baseball Betting

You might hear the word “sabermetrics” and wonder what it is. On the other hand, you might know exactly what it is, and feel that it has really nothing to do with baseball betting. It’s true that you could probably go your entire day without really needing to know anything about sabermetics and still have a great run of baseball betting. But if you’re trying to get to the next level, you really need to discover the overlap between sabermetrics and baseball betting.

In short, it’s simple: you have a whole group of people that use baseball statistics to derive theories. Trying to figure out who’s faster than who? That’s under sabermetrics, baby. What about if you really want to see how effective a player is in relation to a team? Again, that’s sabermetrics. There’s even a whole society devoted to it — the Society for American Baseball Research.


Keep in mind that sabermetrics yields something that you need as a baseball handicapper: data. Being able to see data in more ways than one is something that’s downright necessary. If you want to make sure that you’re really getting the type of gains that you need to get in terms of profitability, you can’t go wrong with baseball betting. That’s just the way it is.

You also want to look at getting more into the statistics. This is the dry and dull part of the game that people don’t like. However, I love statistics. I think that numbers are a way to unlock things that you might not think about behind your favorite players. Sure, you can flip on any television and you’ll get sports commentary but those guys are there to basically throw you off. You absolutely know what’s right, and you absolutely know what’s wrong. You might as well do something that’s going to really make you more likely to win with baseball betting.
Don’t just leave it to being a bunch of dry numbers. Getting your hands on past baseball coverage is definitely a good thing. If your friends record old games, you should totally ask them if you can watch the archives with them as a way to get things settled. It’s completely up to you, but we really think that it’s worth it to look through options like this. Looking at the way players actually play tends to bring you interesting insights.

Keep these points in mind before you make your next bet. It could seriously change your reasoning on all wagers if you allow it!

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