Using Odds Comparison Tools to Get the Upper Hand

Profit, profit, profit — casual players, hear us out. We talk a lot about profit because it’s your hard earned money that’s being used here. It’s all about making you money, and if you’re going to try to make some money, you might as well try to make a lot of money, right?

We just got done talking about odds — and odds are definitely a good thing. It’s how we make money in the world of sports betting, but you have to understand that odds aren’t equal across the board. Some sportsbooks will have different odds. Instead of just going for the first sportsbook that looks good, you might want to look at the different odds that they offer.

This is where the odds comparison tools come in. They compare the bookmakers prices offered on every event so that you really can pick the one with the best odds to place your bet. Believe it or not, prices can vary greatly between bookmakers. The prices will be compared on a matrix that has all of the possible outcomes of the event you’re looking at down the left hand side, and the prices from the bookmakers along the top in different columns.

There’s a few reasons why you should be comparing odds. The odds available on any selection could vary by as much as 50%! With margins as small as they are in the betting world, you have to make sure that you’re getting the best prices possible. You could theoretically double your winnings just by gaining 20%!

Odds Comparison Tools

The effects of odds on profit are really stunning. Let’s say that you put in about 20 GBP each time you play, and you get an average profit of about 10 GBP a day. Not too bad! If you had 20% better odds than what you’re working with right now, you could get nearly 2190 GBP extra a year! That’s incredibly good, and it means that you really do need to shop around as much as possible.

Of course, if you’re like most happy gamblers, you really don’t see yourself having that type of time where you can really pick through every bookmaker’s website. That’s why you let a site like ValueChecker handle it. They automatically do all of the work for you.

You just have to go to the site, select the sport that you’re really interested in, and then click on the event. You’ll be taken to the odds comparison page. It’s really that easy. You can even change the odds to any format that you’re comfortable working with. You get to choose between decimal, fractional, and American odds.

While you’re looking at the different odds, you might want to check out what other people are betting on. This is referred to as steamers. Steamers are simply selections that have been well backed throughout the entire day. It may be because the outcome is strongly favored, or that it’s overpriced.

If you follow other people’s money, you need to make sure that you’re being as careful as possible.

You want to avoid what’s known as “drifters”, which are bets that people don’t wish to back. They rarely win, so it’s better to just skip them.

Sleepers are the selections that are bigger at one sportsbook over the others. Some people don’t like them, but you might find unexpected gems.

Keeping all of this in mind will make you a better punter, so good luck!

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